About Plastek

The Plastek Vision

We are the trusted industry leader through expertise, quality and innovation.  We progressively develop our people, instilling pride in our product and workplace.


About Plastek

Tanks have been Plastek’s speciality for 15 years.  Designed and manufactured in Ballarat, Plastek tanks are made with local environmental factors in mind and this coupled with the diverse experience of our team and quality products, you can be sure that your Plastek tank will meet your needs.

All Plastek Poly products are UV stabilised, strongest where the water pressure is greatest and designed in a variety of colours and styles to compliment the location it is installed. Our Troughs and Ute Tanks are tough, durable and easy to use.

Why Plastek?  Peruse some of the features of our tanks which range in size from 335 to 27, 250 Litres in our Plastek Products Catalogue or in the features section.