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Tank Installation

There are various ways to install a tank and different requirements for each type of tanks, but below is a basic guide to help you with your tank installation.
Round Tank Installation

  1. On a flat level site, build a well compacted 75mm sand base, with diameter 500mm larger than the tank’s base, and a retaining beam to prevent erosion.
  2. Install a flexible suction hose, at least 300mm long, after the gate valve, to reduce stress on the tank wall. IMPORTANT: Poly pipe is NOT suitable as it is too rigid.
  3. Direct overflow away from the base, and ensure it has more capacity than the sum of the inlet pipes.
  4. If you’re fitting the tank to a tank stand, ensure the spacing of the hardwood decking is a maximum of 20mm.

Slimline Tank Installation
Slimline tanks must be installed on a concrete slab.

  1. Lay a level concrete slab at least 100mm deep, and 50mm wider than the base of the tank. Place a layer of reinforcing mesh 25mm from the bottom.
  2. Make sure all the corners of your formwork are filled with concrete, and there are no air pockets under the surface of the slab.
  3. Smooth and level the top of the slab, then finish with a timber or steel trowel.
  4. Remove the Slimline temporary wheel system when tank is in position.

NOTE: If you don’t follow these instructions when installing your tank, you will void your warranty.

For more information, please contact your nearest Plastek Water Products specialist.