About Plastek

Quality & Safety

At Plastek we take the safety of our people and quality of our range very seriously.  All Plastek products are rotationally moulded to produce a consistence of strength and durability which can only be achieved through quality control.

Our tanks are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and manufacturing defects and therefore come with a 10 year Pro rata warranty.  We can offer such a warranty because we know our products are designed and manufactured to last.  They’re built intelligently using the finest grade polyethylene, formulated to withstand Australia’s harsh sun, and the stress of day to day use.

With water fast becoming this country’s most valuable resource, it would best to store it in a Plastek tank ranging in size from 335 to 27,250 litres in smooth, textured and corrugated wall profile designs to suit your needs.

Occupational Health & Safety

At each of our manufacturing and distribution locations, Plastek facilitates an OH&S management system maintained by both Plastek internal management and external consulting specialists.

Like all successful companies, we know that our people are our most important asset.  At Plastek the definition of ‘our people’ is not restricted to our employees but encompasses our customers, visitors and suppliers.

As such our OH&S policies seek to hold the health and safety of all of these groups to the highest possible standards, to ensure all those who work with or are affected by the work of Plastek are protected.

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