About Plastek

Tank Features

Plastek rainwater tanks are built in Australia to suit the rugged conditions. They are designed and manufactured intelligently to exceed Australian standards:

  • 335 – 27,250 litre capacity
  • tank roofs are self supporting and there is no need for a centre support pole (and no OH&S issues with confined space & entry)
  • UV cover under leaf strainer to block sunlight that causes algae growth
  • Polyethylene material used complies with Australian standard AS2070 (food grade) and AS4020 (drinking water)
  • UV stabilised to withstand Australia’s harsh sun
  • unique textured (or corrugated) finish compliments the surrounding environment more than the glossy plastic look of other tanks
  • maximum shot weight of plastic material to guarantee ample wall thickness
  • walls are thicker at the bottom for maximum strength where the water pressure is greatest
  • Plastek tank moulds are designed and built to separate at the top ensuring part line is positioned in the least stressed area. Poorly designed moulds with parting lines down the sides lead to weak areas in the tanks wall causing splitting
  • all tanks come with gate or ball valves (depending on tank size) and overflows
  • tanks are tested using in-house facilities that include ultrasonic thickness measurements and impact testing
  • Our tanks leave no residual taste in the water which means they are ready for use as soon as they’re installed
  • predicted 25 year lifespan using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

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